Scarlet Sock Foundation

The Scarlet Sock Foundation was created to share Laura’s love for theater and compassion for all people by supporting local social justice theater projects for children, young adults, and emerging theater artists in historically marginalized communities.


What does Scarlet Sock Foundation do?

The Scarlet Sock Foundation (SSF) supports underrepresented populations by administering small grants to community organizations and individuals of all ages to increase exposure and access to social justice theater. Our efforts aim to increase the number of people from underrepresented populations involved in community based theater by partnering with and providing funds for programming such as theater classes, the development of new plays, ticket purchases, pre/post show lessons, talkback opportunities, and other educational materials.

What is Social Justice Theater?

Social justice theater is a tool for promoting awareness of socially relevant topics. It is a platform for expression of individual differences and a catalyst for much needed discussions among community members who feel marginalized or stigmatized. As a result, it fosters inclusion and strengthens the bonds within diverse communities.

Why is Social Justice Theater important?

Statistics available through Americans for the Arts reveal that adults, teens, and children who have participated in community arts projects walk away with a stronger sense of self and deeper empathy for others. Social justice theater aims to empower its participants and raises the voices of marginalized individuals and communities. Ultimately, through engagement with social justice theater, SSF seeks to increase community vitality and individual confidence and agency.

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Laura’s Story

At her memorial service, Laura’s siblings compared her to a red sock that ends up in a load of white laundry and turns everything pink! Laura personified the ideals of inclusion, acceptance, and unconditional love. You can be a scarlet sock, too.

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Who is the Scarlet Sock Foundation?

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