Apply for a Grant

Grant Criteria

Scarlet Sock Foundation grants aim to increase representation and engagement in educational and professional theatre settings for historically marginalized populations. As such, our grants support:

· K-12, community college, or university theatre educators in schools or after-school programs looking to provide theatre classes, workshops, facilities improvements, or performances

· Established theatre companies looking to engage with schools or community groups

· Emerging theatre artists looking to take workshops, classes, or mount a production or staged reading 

If you and/or your theater company are working on a project that is not listed above, fill out a “miscellaneous” grant application or be in touch; we’re here to support you.

Youth/Young Adult Grants

Emerging Theater Artist Grants

These grants are designed to support theater makers new to the professional industry. We define emerging theater artists as individuals or groups 18 years or older looking to create theater for the general public independent of a school or university setting. They must have prior theater training from high school, community college or university or through private workshops. ETA’s may have previously produced work but this is not a requirement for an SSF ETA grant.